Art Kibbutz is currently accepting applications for two locations:

Summer Studios on Governor's Island (NYC)
May 1  – September 18, 2017

Art Kibbutz is hosting a Summer Studio Residency on Governors Island, a public island in the waterways of New York City for the 4th time in a row from May - September. In summer, this land trust buzzes with multiple artist residencies and arts events, set among picturesque landscapes, waterfront views, and in unique historic architecture. With studios for visual artists, writers, composers, performing artists as well as presentation space, the Art Kibbutz summer studios building is a welcoming place for artists interested joining a lively Jewish arts community.

Art Kibbutz at ChaNorth in Pine Plains (NY)
March 27 - Dec. 31, 2017

Art Kibbutz at chaNorth is an international artist residency is a NEW residency location opening in spring 2017. It will provide a nourishing, focused environment for artists and writers, providing space for both continuing practices and to and exploring new directions and influences. The program offers the opportunity for 5-6 artists at a time to immerse themselves in a creative live/work space for 2-12 weeks, away from the typical demands of daily life.

ChaNorth is located on five acres of sprawling meadow, adjacent to hundreds of acres of undeveloped woods in the scenic Hudson Valley 2 hours away from NYC. Accepted participants are provided a private furnished bedroom and semi-furnished studio.

Welcome to the Art Kibbutz Application Page 

Art Kibbutz – the International Jewish Artist Residency – proudly announces residency programs for 2017 entitled: Embracing Opportunity: Strengthening Ourselves, Our Community, Our World. These programs continue Art Kibbutz’s commitment to non-hierarchical, collaborative communities where artists work alongside one another to strengthen their identities and our world. In this time of emotionally charged speech and impulsive acts by leaders and citizens alike, artists will find the time and perspective provided by novel supportive surroundings to assimilate what is, and visualize what can be.

Emerging and seasoned artists alike will join these residencies to assess and process experiences in this era of social change and challenge. Artists will produce work on any topic, while engaging in periodic group discussions encompassing aspects of Jewish tradition and social ethics. We aim to define common ground and increase the reach and influence of our art empowered by our engagement with Jewish culture, history, and spirituality – regardless of individual identity as Jews or non-Jews.

Art Kibbutz supports artists working on their own projects, as well as collaborations with other artists or linked to other communities. Emboldened by participation in this residency, artists will be better equipped to utilize their creative skills to defend those most in peril, counter anger with constructive acts, meet hatred with regard and love for our neighbors, and work towards the goal of healing the world.


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all slots are filled, with final notification one month before the residency begins.  We suggest that you apply as soon as possible, so that if you are accepted into the residency program you can secure studio space during the session that is best for your schedule.

We look forward to reviewing your materials, and thank you for your interest in Art Kibbutz.


March 1st deadline for March 27th - April 9st

March 15th  deadline for April19th - 30th

April 1st  deadline for May sessions

May 1st deadline for June sessions

June 1st deadline for July sessions

July 1st deadline for August sessions

August 1st deadline for September sessions


March 27th - April 9th, 2017

April 19th – April 30th, 2017

May 2th – May 14th, 2017

May 16th – May 28th, 2017

May 30th – June 11th, 2017

June 13th – June 25th, 2017

June 27th – July 9th, 2017

July 11th - July 23th, 2017 

July 25th – August 6th

August 8th – August 20th, 2017

August 22th – September 4th, 2017

September 6th - September 18th, 2017

All Disciplines: Animation, Collaboration, Crafts & Trades, Dance, Experimental, Film & Video, Installation, Media Arts, Music & Sound, Performance, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry, Research, Sculpture, Theater, Visual Arts.

Location: Pine Plains, New York, United States

Duration: 2-12 week residencies, March/April/May/June/July/August/September

Eligibility: Open to all creative artists preference for contemplatives

Support: Some Food, Studio/Private Bedroom, Jewish Learning and communal programs, Shabbat and Holidays (optional), quiet open space

COST: $900 per artist plus $100 deposit.  Collaborators and collectives are encouraged to apply, but each artist will have their own bedroom and fee.

FAMILIES: One unit can accommodate a family (up to 2 children and with caretaker/s).

Please note, highly subsidized residency rates apply - which include: studio, access to kitchen and office, curated exhibition/presentation space on Sundays.

To learn more about the residencies, locations, dates, and Art Kibbutz, check out our website before you submit your application.

The application form does not have to be completed in a single session; the system will save your draft application.  We suggest that you save often as you fill out the form, and that you save a copy of any narrative texts.